How to Prevent Rusting on Overlapping Metal Pieces during Welding: A Guide for Newbie Welders

During metal fabrication, it is advisable that welders avoid narrow gaps as much as possible because they will trap moisture and lead to rusting. As a newbie welder, you might think that galvanisation will prevent rusting in the space between overlapping metals. While this is true, it is essential to understand that zinc won't penetrate any gap that is less than 2.5mm because the metal is too viscous for spaces of that size. Read More 

4 Beginner Guidelines for Handling Scrap Metal for Recycling

If you are interested in collecting and selling scrap metal for profit, you should understand the best practices for this type of operation. In general, if you handle your waste metal with appropriate care, you will increase its market value. Consequently, more businesses and dealers will be willing to purchase. On the other hand, poor management of your scrap will translate into poor earnings. Here are essential tips for getting the most out of your scrap metal deals. Read More