3 Features of a Smart Connected Commercial Dishwasher

As a restaurant owner, you may have considered upgrading your kitchen equipment and appliances. One appliance that you might be considering is an upgrade to your commercial dishwasher. There are some commercial dishwasher companies who are moving toward smart connected technology. If you aren't sure that a smart connected commercial dishwasher would be a good idea for your restaurant, consider the following three features of this type of dishwasher unit.

Cycle Notifications

One of the key features of a smart connected commercial dishwasher is the ability to have notifications sent to your phone or tablet regarding cycle notifications. The reason that so many restaurant owners like this feature is because it allows you and your management team to pinpoint how often the cycles are running, what shift did the most cycles and if there need to be changes made to how often the cycles are completed and scheduled. The notifications can be sent to not only you but also to the tablets or phones of your management team and shift leaders.

Temperature Control

There are some instances where the temperature controls need to be adjusted. This usually happens after the plumbing system and hot water system has been adjusted. Though you can do a manual adjustment of the temperature controls on your commercial dishwasher, you may not be at a point that allows you to do this. With that in mind, you or your management staff can make the adjustments directly from your commercial dishwashers app. This is especially important when the controls need to be adjusted before the opening of the first shift.

Cycle Scheduling

If you want the dishwasher to run on a schedule for the cycles throughout the day, you can set them up through the connected app for the dishwasher. Though you may not want to have all the cycles of your commercial dishwasher run off of scheduled cycles, having a few scheduled can help for open and closing shifts to help speed up opening and closing and allowing you to close up earlier. You can also schedule cycles to run from your phone or tablet during busy shifts to help keep things moving in the kitchen. 

These are only three of the features of a smart connected commercial dishwasher. If you think one of these units may be the ideal upgrade for your restaurant, contact your local commercial appliance and equipment dealer. They can help you narrow down the right option for your restaurant. They can also answer any questions you have.