3 Features of a Smart Connected Commercial Dishwasher

As a restaurant owner, you may have considered upgrading your kitchen equipment and appliances. One appliance that you might be considering is an upgrade to your commercial dishwasher. There are some commercial dishwasher companies who are moving toward smart connected technology. If you aren't sure that a smart connected commercial dishwasher would be a good idea for your restaurant, consider the following three features of this type of dishwasher unit. Read More 

Buying a Shipping Container? Here’s How to Get the Best Value from It

Shipping containers are becoming popular for a variety of uses today. They can be used at home for storing garden tools, in business as a shop or storage facility for merchandise and for moving house or office among many other uses. If you need a container for long-term use, buying shipping containers for sale rather than hiring them can be a cost-effective and efficient option. If you need to dispose of it, you can always sell or hire it. Read More 

Which Tractor Should You Choose?

Making the decision to buy a new tractor for your farm or smallholding is a significant financial investment, and if the expense is to be worthwhile, you want to be sure that what you are buying is not only perfect for your needs now but will remain suitable for your purposes as your needs change over time. Get the specification right The first thing you must consider is the technical specification of the tractor. Read More 

How to Prevent Rusting on Overlapping Metal Pieces during Welding: A Guide for Newbie Welders

During metal fabrication, it is advisable that welders avoid narrow gaps as much as possible because they will trap moisture and lead to rusting. As a newbie welder, you might think that galvanisation will prevent rusting in the space between overlapping metals. While this is true, it is essential to understand that zinc won't penetrate any gap that is less than 2.5mm because the metal is too viscous for spaces of that size. Read More 

4 Beginner Guidelines for Handling Scrap Metal for Recycling

If you are interested in collecting and selling scrap metal for profit, you should understand the best practices for this type of operation. In general, if you handle your waste metal with appropriate care, you will increase its market value. Consequently, more businesses and dealers will be willing to purchase. On the other hand, poor management of your scrap will translate into poor earnings. Here are essential tips for getting the most out of your scrap metal deals. Read More