Benefits of Woven Wire Fencing for Rural Dogs

Living in a rural area is appealing to many people. In fact, moving to rural areas to have a more sustainable lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular. One of the issues you may have when you choose this lifestyle is having the proper fencing for your dogs and other animals. An option is to opt for woven wire fencing. Here are a few of the benefits and what to know about how each benefit may affect you and your rural animals' safety. 

Protection from Exterior Animals

When you choose other materials for your rural dog fencing, you may find that they only offer protection from the interior of the area. For example, an electric fence will help keep your animal within the confines of the property space. However, there is no protection from animals walking onto your property. This means wild animals can wander onto the property and cause injury or death to your pets. A woven wire fencing system offers protection from your animals wandering from the property as well as from animals seeking out your animals as prey.

Damage Prevention

Some fencing material can easily be damaged by animals. For example, a standard wire fencing can be pushed in or even down with the right amount of force. Wood fencing has the same issue. It can easily be pushed down or broken if the right force is applied to the panels. Woven wire fencing offers the option of durability. The fencing may bend in but it is flexible. This means it will bounce back and maintain its original shape. This gives you added durability from outside animals while keeping your animals safe. 

Weather Protection

A concern for property and pet owners may be weather damage to the fencing. This could be due to heavy winds or to rusting from rain or snow. The truth is, this is a point of concern when certain materials are used, such as wooden fences getting wood rot or metal fencing rusting. Woven fencing is generally made of a fencing material that stands up to all types of weather conditions and offers durability under high winds. This means less chance of having weak points in the linking of the fencing that could cause further damage or unsafe conditions for your dogs. 

If you believe woven wire fencing is an ideal option for your dog fencing, contact a local rural fencing contractor. They will schedule an appointment to assess the area and take measurements. They may also discuss upgrades with you that will work well for your particular situation.