The Main Considerations for Choosing the Best Scissor Lift for Your Job

If you are looking to hire a scissor lift for your next job, the hiring process can be daunting, with many different sizes and configurations of the aerial lift available for you to choose from. There are several factors to consider when matching a scissor lift to your job. Here are some of the most important factors to look at.

Work Heights 

A scissor lift is of no use to you if it can't reach the heights you need to work from. That's why you should consider how high your lift should go before can rent one. Each scissor lift has a lifting height range that determines the minimum and maximum work heights it can reach. Make sure you choose a lift that can safely elevate your personnel plus the necessary materials and tools to the desired heights.

Load Weight 

Overloading is one of the major causes of scissor lift accidents. It occurs when scissor lifts are used to carry more weight than they can support. Before you can rent a scissor lift for your job, calculate the total weight of all the people that are going to use the lift at the same time. Then, add the weight of all the materials and tools they will be using and other loads to that. Your preferred lift should have the capacity to handle the maximum weight it will be subjected to at any given time.

Work Environment

Scissor lifts can be operated indoors or outdoors. The environment in which you intend to get work done will influence your choice of a lift. Generally, electric models are suitable for indoor applications because they don't release harmful emissions into the work environment. Pneumatic, diesel, and petrol-powered models may be preferred for outdoor use, especially in situations where extra lifting capacity is desired.


Scissor lifts can be moved on different surfaces. The kind of terrain where you will be operating your lift will dictate which type of lift you should hire. Choose a standard scissor lift if you are going to move your lift on a flat, even ground. Consider rough terrain models if you will need to use the lift on a sloped surface.

With input from the professionals working at scissor lift rental companies, you will have a better understanding of which type of lift to hire. Feel free to contact a scissor lift hire service near you to discuss your project needs and choose the best lift.