5 Benefits of Wireless Dog Fencing

Having your dog playing in the yard is always good for them. However, having them off the leash may land them in great trouble, and exposes them to dangers like accidents, abductions, and animal attacks. One of the ways to keep your dog safely in your yard is by installing a fence. Wired fences are complicated and cumbersome to install. However. technology has made it possible to avoid this exhausting process and still keep your dog within their roaming range. This is through wireless dog fencing. Continue reading for five reasons to consider wireless dog fencing. 

Ease of Installation

The process of erecting a wired fence is completely cumbersome. It involves erecting poles and painting them to highlight the boundary to your pet. On the other hand, a wireless dog fence only requires you to bury the fence underground and program the kit to suit the preferred limits. Next, you program the collar that the dog needs to wear. The process is incredibly easy compared to installing the wired dog fence. 

Many Dogs Can Be Included

With the wireless dog fence, you can include more than one dog. This means that while the initial cost may be relatively high, it is quite cost-effective since you can configure different dog collars. Its performance, effectiveness and reliability make it a worthwhile investment. While some designs come with more than one collar, some brands require that you specially order for more collars to add to the pack. 


If you are the type of person who enjoys travelling with your dog, wireless fences are quite portable. For example, if you want to go with your dog for a picnic, you can carry the kit to ensure you control the pet's boundaries in the picnic site. 

Require Less Upkeep

With a physical fence, you have to keep repainting it to ensure that your dogs remain at bay. Otherwise, you'll end up with an unsightly fence that makes your property look uninviting. A wireless dog fence does not need any maintenance. Once installed, it can continue to serve you for a long time. 

Doesn't Block Out the Landscape

One of the drawbacks of a wired dog fence is that it blocks out the view of the landscape. A wireless dog fence does not obstruct your view. It allows you to enclose your dog in a specific area without interfering with the view of the landscape of the area.

Use a wireless dog fence to ensure your dog stays on your property without a leash. This ensures they are free of the leash but still enjoy constant playing and physical activity, making them a healthier dog.

To get help selecting and installing the right dog fencing, contact a supplier near you.