How Car Lifts Can Maximise The Space In Your Apartment Building

When it comes to inner-city living, the biggest priority is always going to be space maximization. How do you get the most amount of value out of the smallest possible space? This is a question that has plagued apartment owners and architects for decades if not centuries. When each centimetre of real estate in the city comes at such a high premium, it makes sense that you try and be as efficient as possible. That is why, when it comes to parking and organising the vehicles in your apartment complex, you should consider a car lift.

How Does A Car Lift Help?

Most parking buildings in Australian cities require large ramps to allow your car to travel between floors. These ramps take up a huge proportion of the space allocated for parking; space that could otherwise be filled by cars. A car lift eliminates the needs for all those ramps and only takes up the space of a single car on each level. Not only is this cheaper to maintain and build initially (if you are building from scratch) but it opens up so much more room for you and can dramatically increase the value of your property as a whole. 

How Does A Car Lift Work?

Everyone has seen spy movies where a car gets taken to an underground secret layer by a disguised platform on the surface, and a car lift functions in a similar way. Unlike those movies, most car lifts are very obviously marked so that you know where to get on and off. Usually, it is just a metal platform or room that you drive into, although you can get it to blend with its surroundings by making it look like cement or even grass, however, this costs extra. Then the car lift works much like a regular lift you might use at the shops, moving up and down between floors according to your commands. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Car lifts do cost quite a bit of money, but when you look at it from an investment strategy, it makes complete fiscal sense. Simple systems are cheaper than you think and only gradually get more expensive, depending on the features you want to add in. This might seem extraordinary but when you realise that single car spaces in Australian cities, with no special features, have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, then a fully automated car lift seems like a bargain. With all the space you save, you can even sell some of the car parking spots in your building and easily come out ahead!

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