Benefits of Using Long Handled Bituman Brushes for Industrial Cleaning

If you own an industrial cleaning company, you know the value of having the right multi-tasking tools. These tools can range from cleaning chemicals that can attack grime, oil and industrial grease without having to change the cleaning solution to the right brushes. One of the many tools you should consider, if multi-tasking is an ideal goal, are long-handled brushes and millet brooms. Here are a few of the benefits to using these options and what you need to know about each.

Dust Reduction

When you are cleaning an industrial warehouse or manufacturing area, you know the largest issue is dust. Traditional brooms and other cleaning items can cause the dust to spread. This means the dust can get into the working mechanisms of the equipment and cause quicker breakdowns and issues. With the use of long-handled brushes, especially millet brushes, you can help reduce the dust. The millet helps to collect and trap the dust, holding to it until the brushes and brooms are cleaned. This is true of long-handled options as well as shorter brushes for tight spaces.

Reduced Maintenance

Most long-handled brushes and brooms require some form of maintenance. When you use brushes that are synthetic, the cleaning may not be as easy as you would like. You may have to use specific cleaning methods or chemicals. This can take time and it can cost more money in some cases. When you use a long-handled millet brush or millet broom, the maintenance is a bit easier. Most can be cleaned with simple warm water. For debris that may not come off as easy, you will need to use a mild soap. You likely already have the soap on hand with your normal cleaning solutions.

Multi-Task Benefits

In addition to reducing dust and reduced maintenance, you can also use one brush for many tasks. For example, long-handled brushes allow you to clean larger areas of dust and debris. They are also made of a more durable material, which allows you to use the same brushes for mild scrubbing, moving water out of the area and scrubbing cement as well as epoxy and vinyl covered flooring. 

If long-handled millet brushes and brooms sound ideal for your business, contact your local reseller. They will have long-handled Bituman brushes as well as other supplies. They can also help you with choosing the right options for your specific cleaning business needs. They can also help with replacement brushes if you need them and other related products.