Pneumatic Vibrators: An Essential Piece of Industrial Equipment

A range of industries employ the use of pneumatic vibrators to make machine parts operate in a safer manner. Pneumatic vibrators have different specific functions depending upon the industry in which they are being used. For instance, when concrete is poured during construction, bubbles can result. When concrete solidifies, these bubbles are not only unattractive in appearance, but are also unsafe. Pneumatic vibrators are used to to essentially vibrate that particular area where concrete is poured, thereby removing moisture and air pockets to allow a smooth concrete application that is safe to use. Another application is the agricultural industry, where pneumatic vibrators are used to ensure that the contents of silos are emptied in a uniform manner. This eliminates the need for manually evening out the emptied contents and thereby helps processes move faster, again resulting in cost savings. 

Shipping containers must be packed uniformly and evenly to ensure they are filled with maximum loads to reduce shipping costs. Pneumatic vibrators are also used in this application to ensure that packages are compacted and loaded evenly.

Pneumatic Vibrators - Key Features

In the pharmaceutical industry, powders are routinely separated using this nifty piece of equipment. As these vibrators are used for such a wide variety of industries, they are manufactured according to these differing requirements. Some applications require the vibrations to be faster, where others require slower vibrations. Hence, the vibrating rotors are are customised in this manner. It is expected that a large vibrating device, such as pneumatic vibrators, would make a significant amount of noise, which can damage hearing. The highest quality pneumatic vibrators are designed with minimal noise output. Pneumatic vibrators are also tailored to last with minimal maintenance. This type of equipment needs to be designed keeping in mind that it will operate continuously for long periods of time, i.e. vibrations being continuous. That being said, pneumatic vibrators are also used to create pulse vibrations in some applications. 

An additional vital part of pneumatic vibrators is lubricant. Lubricant forms an essential part of a well-functioning pneumatic vibrator. This lubricant reduces wear and tear in the rotor, reduces noise and also ensures smooth operation. This lubricant coats the parts. However, lubricant in the form of oil must also be injected into the pneumatic vibrator air stream to form an air film on the moving parts of the vibrator. 

Pneumatic vibrators must be selected based upon their efficiency, reliability and above all, safety.