What to Look Into When Selecting an Air Cannon for Your Industrial Application

Aside from being used for recreational purposes, air cannons play a big part in improving flow and preventing material buildup in chutes, silos, hoppers, and other industrial facilities. 

If you're in the market for an air cannon for your particular industrial application, it's vital for you to find the best air cannon solution. But with a huge selection of industrial-grade air cannons available in the market, choosing the best air cannon can be a confusing task.

That said, here are a few essential factors to review when you're choosing your industrial air cannon. 

Valve Design

One area where air cannons have experienced tremendous improvement over the years is in the range of valves available for controlling air release.

There are many different valve designs in the market, including standard ball valves, solenoid valves, and the more sophisticated check valves. A major drawback of standard valves is their low flow rates. Going the extra mile to get a custom made high-flow check valve can lead to more efficient blasting. 

More efficient valve designs provide improved blasting performance.

Operating Pressures

The higher the projectile or exit velocity of an air cannon, the higher the blasting forces delivered. When choosing your air cannon, determine the maximum force output required for your industrial application and match that to the working pressure of your air cannon.

Though higher working pressures deliver higher force output, they also increase the air consumption of air cannons.

Tank Size

Air cannons are connected to an air reservoir (typically a large tank or cylinder) that holds pressurised air. If you're going to use your air cannon for a heavy duty application, it's best to choose an air blaster that has a large tank.

This way, you won't frequently run out of pressurised air and need to refill the tank before you can continue using your air cannon. The larger your air reservoir, the longer you'll continue blasting. 

Nozzle Design

The nozzles attached to your air cannon are what allow flow of pressurised air to suit your application. 

These nozzles come in different sizes, shapes, and materials to deliver the required force output. For example, pipe nozzles are suited to light blasting applications that don't require a wide area of influence, whereas fan nozzles are ideal for applications that require targeted application of air over shorter ranges.

If you need help picking the best industrial air cannon, feel free to consult industrial air cannon experts in your local area.