The Benefits of Adding a Turntable to Your Car Lift

You have a lot of options to choose from when you're designing a car elevator system for your parking garage. You may opt for a simple lift solution or add extras to the system like stacking or rotation.

A lot of this depends on the size and design of your garage space. While simple lift systems work well for many users, others have constraints that make these systems less effective. In some cases, adding rotation to your car lift, such as with a turntable, may be a good idea. What are the advantages?

Making the Most of Your Space

If you have a small garage without much room to manoeuvre, then a car lift still works. Parking cars off the lift may, however, be a little more complicated.

Ideally, an elevator runs quickly and with the least possible hassle. Cars should be delivered to their location and parked with minimum fuss until they need to be picked up again.

If you're short on space, then this process can take more time and effort. For example, drivers may find it hard to park cars when they come off the elevator if they don't have a lot of room to manoeuvre in the driving corridor that leads to their designated spaces.

Having to shift a car's position through small areas to park takes more time and effort. If you have a turntable, then the car can be lifted to its parking level and turned exactly so that it can be driven or reversed straight into its parking spot.

Keeping Customers Happier

If your customers use your elevator to park their own cars, then they'll appreciate anything that makes parking quick and simple. If parking involves a lot of tight space negotiation, then they may get frustrated. Some may simply stop using your garage if it is too tricky to park there.

Plus, being able to target the car's direction accurately reduces the risk that cars get damaged when they are parked. If your customers have to point their cars in the right direction and space is tight, then there is an increased risk of vehicle damage. Drivers may scrape, knock or bump their vehicles against other parked cars, garage walls and pillars.

To find out how a turntable or rotating platform can enhance your garage's lift system, ask your elevator company to talk you through options and how they might work in your space.