Air Conditioning a Warehouse With a Dense Racking Storage System

If you run a small business that utilises a warehouse for keeping stock, you may be familiar with the problems presented by operating an air conditioning system in a dense racking environment. Ineffective air conditioning can leave your employees shivering or overheating, depending on whereabouts in the warehouse they are working. You could also end up with higher energy bills than you expected. So how do you ensure that a warehouse with a dense racking layout stays adequately ventilated? Read on.

Using air rotation systems for effective air conditioning

The most effective method of air conditioning a warehouse with high-density shelving is to use an industrial air rotation system. Air rotation units are usually floor-standing, fitting neatly against the building's walls so that they don't impinge on valuable storage room within the warehouse. Air rotation units use high-powered fans to move cooled air around the warehouse. The cooled air circulates through the spaces in the racking, helping to keep the whole building cool. 

One big advantage of this system is that it works well regardless of the configuration of the warehouse layout. This means that you won't need to change the air conditioning system, even if you decide to move the racking around in the future.

Saves your heating and cooling bills

Air rotation units are very energy efficient, so you could save money on fuel bills. The units work by drawing air across a heat exchanger or condenser to control and lower the temperature, and then distributing the cooled air via the fans. Air rotation units can be fuelled by gas, oil or even hot water.

Even temperature distribution creates a comfortable working environment

Because the cooled or heated air is evenly distributed throughout the warehouse building, there shouldn't be any cold or hot spots to cause your staff discomfort. This is sure to reduce problems with staff sickness levels, as well as boosting morale. An even, ambient temperature is also critical if you hold stocks that can be damaged by exposure to excessive heat for long periods.

Every warehouse building is different, but if yours uses a dense racking storage layout, a cool air rotation system could be the way to go to achieve an even, ambient temperature 24/7. An evenly ventilated warehouse is extremely important for keeping staff comfortable and happy and for keeping heat sensitive stock in good condition. You could also save yourself some money on fuel bills.

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