3 Essentials to Remember When Buying a Used Concrete Pump

A concrete pump is an integral component if you are looking to start a construction business. However, since you are starting out it is better to buy a used concrete pump to save on a few dollars. That said, you should be careful when shopping for a used concrete pump because a simple mistake can cost your business money, time and clients. This article provides insight on what to look out for when purchasing a used concrete pump.

1. Type of Pump -- The kind of used concrete pump you are looking for will determine how much effort you need put in the inspection process. The first kind is the trailer-mounted or line concrete pump. It is mostly used for small projects such as sidewalk and driveway construction. Used trailer pumps are usually in good working condition when put up for sale; however, you should inspect the hoses thoroughly especially if they are made of rubber.

Ensure that there are no weak points that might lead to concrete leaks. The other type of concrete pump is the boom pump. It is ideal for heavy-duty projects due to the pump's ability to move concrete at very high speeds. The high working rate makes the boom lift susceptible to wear and tear; therefore, you have to inspect the boom and the pump thoroughly before placing an order. While you can examine a used trailer concrete pump by yourself, it is recommended that a professional accompany you if you are planning to buy a used boom pump due to the technicalities involved.

2. Brand -- Since concrete is a course and heavy construction material, the second-hand concrete pump you are planning to buy must withstand these elements.  However, with a myriad of brands available in the market, it can be a challenge to choose the best. Therefore, find out which brands of concrete pumps are the most durable before making any purchase. You can talk to experienced concrete contractors for perspective on the most durable concrete pump models. Don't be tempted to buy a lesser known concrete pump brand just because it is cheaper and in excellent working condition. 

3. Remote Control Accessories -- Boom concrete pumps come with a radio-remote control that is used to vary and regulate concrete output. However, there are instances when using a radio-remote control is prohibited. For example, hospitals and fuels pump stations are radio-remote control free zones. Standard remote controls should be used instead. Therefore, if you are going to buy a used boom concrete pump, make sure that the seller provides you with the standard remote control.