Why Safety Is Paramount When Operating a Boom Lift

The beauty of a boom lift is that it is very versatile and can be used in a variety of different situations to overcome a problem. You may have to take care of some maintenance "at height" yet in a difficult-to-reach area and, furthermore, will need to move along a boundary as you do so. After some research, you've come to the conclusion that this type of crane is perfect for your predicament and may be in the process of hiring one. In order to ensure that you do this job correctly, however, you must understand how to operate the boom lift properly and should take the relevant training to do so. You've also got to pay very close attention to your safety and listen to those extra warnings. Why is this important?

Understanding the Challenge

This equipment owes its versatility to the fact that the operator can be quite a long way away from the actual machine itself. The person who is in the basket can have control over the machine's mobility and can move it slowly from point to point as they take care of their work.

They may feel as if they are being as careful as possible and only moving very slowly when needed. They may also feel as if they are as safe as possible because they are surrounded by railings that came up to chest height.

The Spring Effect

The problem here is leverage and the fact that any movement to the tractor unit will be exacerbated as the force travels along the boom to the basket itself. In other words, the base of the boom can act as a fulcrum or spring and can multiply any small movement to a dangerous degree.

Believe It or Not

You may believe that the ground surface in front of the machine is relatively smooth, but have you checked it carefully before you begin your work at height? The front wheels of the machine may encounter a fairly innocuous pothole or bump, but as they go over this impediment, this movement can be translated into a much larger problem for the occupant of the basket. Unless they are firmly tied to the safety points with a special harness, they can be literally catapulted out of the basket and down to the ground.

Do This First

Before you begin any work make sure that you know how to operate the machine carefully, inspect the surface along which it needs to move and always, without question, attach a safety harness to the operator.

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